If you Build It…My Current Campaign If you want to start at the beginning

The two ships were locked together in the air, shaking and spiralling down at an alarming rate of speed.

One of the things you should know about the magically powered flight is when two ships collide it is very similar to two water sailing ships. Many things could cause your death, fire, the enemy, falling ship rigging, however, instead of a chance of drowning should you be knocked overboard, you instead get an opportunity to plummet to your death. dw fallingRemember it is not the fall but the amount of fall with an abrupt landing that kills you.

The party engaged in battle on the deck found that the ship made for very difficult terrain as it rocked back and fouth while tilting up and down like a carnival ride has gone mad.   Circling around the two ship battle were three small Skiffs, they each held four attackers and one person controlling the Skiff from the rear seat via a rudder. As the Skiffs closed range the soldiers aboard would fire flaming arrows at the rigging, onto the deck or into the crew. WIth the level of flame and smoke increasing, Through all the havoc Tluth managed to see a figure the size and shape of Nameless leap on to one of the Skiffs, tossing the soldiers overboard and turned to begin racing away from the battle. Tluth yelled at his party for someone to stop the escaping quarry. Bane realizing how easy it was to commandeer a Skiff took it upon himself to leap to one of them as they passed him, knocking the soldiers off in the process and with a little fancy sword working sent the body of the pilot right behind them.  The ground was quickly approaching the two intertwined large vessels and a wreak was inevitable. The rest of the party took this opportunity to join Bane on his newly acquired transport. They were in pursuit of their target once more when a wildly fired harpoon from one of the main ships hit the rudder of the parties Skiff and they began losing altitude and speed.  The two large vessels hit the ground with a sound that could wake sleeping gods as they both exploded into balls of flames.

The party clear of the blast zone turned to pursue their target and could see Nameless’s Skiff flying at full speed pulling ahead towards a Lightning Rail Station. The parties Skiff gave up the goat about 10-12 miles from the station and the party start walking.


With the sun rising they could see the parched lifeless plain they were in the middle of the only thing visible for miles was the train station out here in the middle of nowhere. The party could now see the arrival of one of the famous Lightning Rail Trains and they picked up the pace as they were sure Namless would board the train to get away.

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Ditch the wilderness maps!

Theatre of the mind works so well if you are not into running a tactical battle game. I like to have images to show my party. I try to find pictures on the net or if I am using a module I will use those to help inspire the players’ imaginations.


I love maps, I really do. I wish I could cover my walls in all sorts of different maps. I could happily cover my sitting room walls in different maps of the world, my bedroom in all the fantasy maps full of endless forests, and my toilet with favourite dungeons. The thing is though, I don’t much like using maps when I’m running D&D.
As soon as the map his the table I feel like we’ve all taken a step out of the RPG and are instead playing a tactical travel game. That leaves me having to work twice as hard to describe the journey because in the player’s heads they are moving 2cm along a piece of paper. Or worse, from hex 0305 (forest) to hex 0404 (hills).
There is an alternative. Lets call them spoken maps. In the real world we call them “directions” but that might be…

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If you Build It…My Current Campaign If you want to start at the beginning.

Luck for the party casting off an airship takes much more time than even an oceangoing vessel. As they raced to the top of the docking tower trying to catch up to Nameless and find out why he took the sword and fled. As they reached the docking area they were confronted by a few of the Teamsters, not slowing to fight the part took its chances with the attacks of opportunity. A globe of darkness from Tluth, a misty step from Anders and

airship dock

They made it onboard just as the ship pulled out of reach of the tower. As the ship turns and gains speed they hear a voice booming over the sound of rushing wind and fire elemental.

“Who the hell are ya, I hope you can pay or fly!” The voice coming from a tough looking half-elf, captain of the Cloud’s Destiny. The ship they have just stowed away on.

“If you don’t have a letter of passage or tickets we will be throwing you overboard as soon as we clear the city!”

Lyrandar airship

Some quick talk from Bane and a bag of small gems and the captain seemed much more relaxed having them stay onboard, though he claimed to not have seen any Warforge on board other than the three that were part of his crew. Most airships are small and the Cloud’s Destiny was not an exception, so the party decided to search the ship. As they investigated some of the smaller holds and rooms, they could not find Namless anywhere and an over six foot tall, magical machine man cannot be hidden very easily.

Suddenly the whole ship jumped as if someone had tried to smack it from the sky. As they rushed to the deck they saw off the stern another airship closing fast and firing large harpoons with ropes tied to them into the body of the Cloud’s Destiny. The captain yelling for the crew to prepare to be boarded.

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If you Build It…My Current Campaign If you want to start at the beginning.

As the party closed in on the wagon, they all drew closer to the city of Trolsport, which is known as a transportation/shipping hub as much as for its’ aristocratic merchant families with their grand balls, gossiping and intrigue, all in the name of gaining favor over each other in the eyes for the ruling council.

The overly decorated cart must have been familiar to the guards at the gate as they allowed it to rush straight by the crowd of animals, carts and various people waiting to get let in, bowling over a couple of very angry looking dwarves in the process. The party was forced to stop at the gates as guards moved to block their way. The typical business in town questions and a little golden lubricant go them through the gate ahead of many angry others. Still, the delay cost them the destination of their runaway party member and the sword they have been sent to recover from him.


The only lead they have is the name Trell, after stashing the horses and their travel clothes at a nearby Inn they begin their investigation, asking about the coach which tends to stand out. A few minutes later and they are standing outside an embassy, which happened to be holding a masquerade ball. The party needs to get costumes and invitations quick. Tluth ran to a tailor’s shop and got himself some upper-class Drow finery with only a small mask to cover his eyes, paper mache dog head and minotaur head for Bane and Anders respectively.

The entrance was heavily guarded, with all invitations being inspected. A combination of sleight of hand, distraction, intimidation and luck eventually got them through the doors and into the large reception hall beyond.


The music and dancing were distracting, as were people approaching Tluth trying to find out which Drow house he was from hoping to win favour and possibly a trade deal for goods from the Underdark which are all the rage in aristocratic society, little did they know how much anger Tluth had against his own people and what they represented. Finally, they spotted Namless slipping out a servant’s door near the rear of the ballroom.  The party joined back up by the door and ran after Nameless in hot pursuit. As they followed him through some winding halls, they emerged as the base of an airship tower and can see at the top the ship is preparing to cast off!!!

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If you Build It…My Current Campaign (6)

If you Build It…My Current Campaign If you want to start at the beginning.

After a good nights sleep the party was informed that The Purple Rose has been removed. They investigated and the main house was full of summoning circles and a lot of spell damage, looked like multiple summonings had gone wrong at the same time. Bane also noticed a few Red Finger symbols within and outside the house. After a fight with some kind of demon. The party found a little girl hiding in the attic and had her taken back to Glimar to see if she could figure out what happened.

They returned to the Styx Oarsman and took care of minor business, retiring for the evening. In the morning they woke to find Nameless was missing!! The remainder of the party searched the building alas he was nowhere to be found. As they opened the door to start a more widespread search they were met by one of the city guards with a summons from the new interim leader of the city guard Skifflen, stating that he knew of the fate of their teammate Nameless.

When they arrived at Skifflen’s office he lays it on them.

“The city requires your assistance in a matter that is grave for the survival of the city. By the power bestowed upon me by the council, I hereby deputize you, herewith, and task upon thee to return the sword stolen by your associate, Nameless. Any divergence from the task will be considered treasonous and be met with the swiftest of judgement from the City Guard. I have been granted permission to use any means necessary in completing this task and have been gifted a most generous portion of the treasury upon the completion. What say you?”

Left with little choice and wanting to find out why their comrade had taken such a valuable item from the city, jeopardizing their prime goal within the city.  The part took off in pursuit on mage horses provided by the city, with a writ allowing them to expense travel costs, materials and loggings if needed.


Namless was seen leaving the city in an ornamental coach using the Causey Road Gate three hours before the party started following. They were after him and closing as their mage horses had less weight to carry.

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If you Build It…My Current Campaign If you want to start at the beginning.

After a good nights rest the party received information that Beth the Harbourmaster is on the take and has been skimming all transactions with impunity. The party had a choice report Beth ‘Golden hair‘ Anderton to the authorities, in this case, it would be directly to Maximus Crowe, the Captian of the city watch or a Bane suggested approach Beth and blackmail her to get in on the deal.

5 Harbour Master visited

The party proceeded to the Harbourmaster’s HQ and found it very busy, sailors, merchants and all manner of persons, trying to pay fees, arguing about the high prices of the fees, bartering and haggling. It is a wonder that ships move in and out of the harbour at all. The commotion at the waiting tables in the main hall was just short of a riot. The party managed to grab a passing paper pusher and ask about meeting with Beth, after a little golden grease, peppered with subtle threats, the party was taken to the back office to meet the one and only Beth ‘Golden hair‘ Anderton. 

She was standing behind a large wooden desk covered in papers, three little halflings with ink-stained fingers their heads buried in ledgers crunching numbers so loudly you could almost hear them sitting at little desks against the walls, did not even turn to see the menacing group that was just let in, now taking up a good half the room.

Cerise_BloodmournThe party opens by pointing out that they could very easily report their knowledge of her skimming off the top of every import and export going through the harbour to the city council and that would be the end of her unless she cuts them in on the deal.  A bit of intimidation from the group of four and she agrees on one condition. They need to get Maximums the Captain of the city guard off her back. She tells them that he has been investigating her for years, ever since she turned down his marriage proposal trying to get enough on her to blackmail her to marry him or leave the city in shame.

The party proceeded to Maximum’s house following directions that were given by Beth. When they arrived outside the Captain’s place they noticed it was very dark inside as if the Captain had already turned in for the evening. As a group, they crept up to the front door and Bane reached out to test the handle, the door was unlocked so they let themselves in. A quick search of the first floor found the place to be empty, they proceeded upstairs and could hear snoring coming from a closed door at the end of the hall. The heavily armoured party members decided to go downstairs an wait in the kitchen for Bane and Anders to bring Maximum down to them. Bane burst into the room as quietly as a breeze and shoved a pillowcase over the sleeping man’s head. Which of course woke him, but it was too late Bane and Anders had full control of the victim.

Bane shoved Maximum into the kitchen and onto a chair, the party closing in to surround their target. After a few tough words from Bane and Tulth, it became apparent to Maximum who was behind this, he started to try and cut them a deal, to remove Beth and place them in charge of the harbour, when they began to discuss the pros and cons of this offer as a group, Maximum interrupted, yelling loudly, offering that if anyone in the room would turn on the fellows, immediately and work to free him he would reward them greatly. This was too much for Tluth’s sense of honour and he plunged his sword through the back of the chair and clean through the naked city Captain. Looting and smashing things in the house on their way out to make it appear as a burglary, the party heads back to the Harbourmaster while making sure they are not followed. They explain what happened, about the captain attacking them and they had to defend themselves ending in his death. Beth keeps her word and offers them a cut in her business, increasing the value of their operation many-fold as well as providing ways to import and export black market items.


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The party stormed in the front door. Inside they found three Male Drow and on Female. The party quickly assessed the attackers and decide to hit the Female Drow first as she looked like a spell caster.


Tluth closed the distance to the Female mage and as he did a large cell with an open door came into view with a Fiend making its way towards the party. Bane took up a location in the shadows to prepare for a surprise attack. Anders calling on the bond with his patron sent twin blasts of energy into one of the male Drow dropping the fighter immediately.  Nameless closed the distance placing himself between the attackers and Anders, with no thought for his own safety. Striking out with his sword in a quick one-two slash, he dropped another of the male Drow fighters. The female Drow pointed at Tluth and vanished before the party’s collective eyes.

As the Fiend entered the room Tluth using two of his innate abilities dropped an area of darkness on to the monster from the Lower Planes, then lighting it up for all to target with twinkling lights glowing around its’ body.


At this point, Bane attacks with some throwing daggers and gets a hit on the monstrosity from another plane. Distracted it does not notice Tluth close in with his long sword and strikes two quick blows, knocking the beast to its’ knees as great chunks of flesh are removed with practiced perfection by the Drow Battle Master. Anders hits the create with the twin blasts of force preventing the creature from rising from the ground. Nameless swings twice at the creature only to have both of his attempts blocked by the inhuman reflexes of this evil creature. Tluth raising his sword strikes the killing blow and the Fiend dissolves into a cloud of thick black smoke, forced to return to the Abyss it came from. The party takes a breath and finds the clock and some treasure left behind by the now dead Drow.

The return through the Drow controlled portion of the city was uneventful. Bane did take the opportunity to order some poisons and have them delivered to the safehouse. As they rest at the safe house for the night, the party is set upon by some very disturbing dreams.

They give the clock to Tylo who takes it to begin building a copy of it for the party to keep. A note arrives at the safe house from the Eberron consulate, the Arch-Mage is requesting that Nameless visit with regards to the strange symbol on Nameless’s neck. The party agrees to go there as it is across from the Temple of Anu and Anders can follow up on his questions about his patron Mechanus. 

Before departing one of the Wharf Rat kids takes an update to Glamir so she knows where the party is at and what has occurred. The party also send a shopping list of requests and questions for Glamir to follow up on. 

Tluth – Asks Glamir to find someone who is an expert on Sentient inanimate objects

Bane – asks the Wharf Rat to have his comrades keep a look out for Red Finger Symbols and see if there is a pattern. 

Anders – asks Tylo to look into what is needed for planeswalking. He also sends and asks for an update from Glamir about the worms they found in the Jackdaws former HQ.

Nameless – Stands there, waiting for them to go.

dark market

The streets are full of the usual crowd, creatures of all makes, models, plane and culture. Busily making their way through the streets of Nadir, each on their own personal business for good or evil. The city guard are out in force as there has been some unrest, someone had even burned down the Jackdaws HQ and the homeless seem relieved and to be returning to their panhandling, swindling and outright stealing ways. 

As the party moves to the more prosperous north end of the city, there are fewer beggars, thieves and street urchins and they begin rubbing elbows with creatures of better means. As they reach the intersection with the Temple of ANU and the  Eberron consulate, they are greeted by a mass of Warforge protesting the consulate, they are asking for full and equal rights for all Warforge, the same as all humans and demi-humans have in Eberron. They want the governing families of Eberron to pardon all Warforge prisoners and an end to the right of others to own Warforge. The protest is very peaceful as the Warforge are there to prove a point that they can do more than cause violence.

Greater dragon mark of making

The party is rushed through the throng of protestors and guards to a large chamber just off the main entrance. An old human in dark red robe approaches and introduces himself as the High Arch-Mage Garmondast. He explains he has studied the Dragon Marks of his world for most of his life and when the prest of ANU mentioned the marking they witnessed on the neck of Nameless they approached him with what they thought must be wrong or a printed copy of an actual Dragon Mark because only Humans, Elves and Dwarves have ever manifested Dragon Marks.

Gramondast asked to view the marking and Namless knelt down so the Arch-Mage could have a good look. Gramondast mumbles, ummms and ahhhs, chants a little spell and jumps back as the symbol glows with a faint red light. He is shocked and it is hard to tell if it is in horror or amazement. He tells Nameless that this is the first time in recorded history, to the best of his extensive knowledge that a Warforge has ever manifested a Dragon Mark. This one appears to be of healing and life. Gramondast gives Nameless a power word, when spoken or concentrated on by Nameless it will allow him to release a small amount of healing energy for himself or others. The Arch-Mage asks Nameless to return should anything about his marking change, in the meantime, Garmondast will get his people to research to see if they can discover what this means, for Eberron, Warforge and Nameless.

The party decide to return to the Styx Oarsman to get updates directly from Glamir. Stopping at the Temple of ANU, they inform Anders they have not found anything in the ancient texts or through prayer and divination about his connection to Mechanus. They will continue to search and reach out to him directly should they find anything. With that complete the party returns ‘home’ the Oarsman to get rest and decide on next steps.

NEXT Part 5 – Oh Captain, My Captain





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With the information about where to get the clock in hand. The party heads over to The Jackdaws headquarters to investigate what is going on with the homeless and beggars that are being replaced in the city.

The party discovers The Jackdaws HQ is a lighthouse tower with a side building attached they decide to rent a local magic carpet to fly up to the highest point on the tower and start investigating from the top down.7-jackdaws-e1522160673546

Starting on the fifth floor, they see it is an actual fire that is illuminating the lantern room, which is also encased in glass to prevent the fire being blown out by wind as well as ambers from spreading to the nearby buildings. The party proceeded down the stairs quietly, On the fourth floor, they found a small observatory with a telescope looking out over the surrounding buildings and appeared to be pointing at The Styx Oarsman. The third floor they found the attic containing some wood for burning in the fire above and other storage, nothing of value.

As the came down to the Second floor they found a small library/study. They heard some noise from the closed door and decided to burst into the room hoping to take anyone within by surprise. They did surprise the two very scholarly looking Orcs. One of which was holding a wand that produced a rather large fireball that shot right through the doorway back into the library where the party just exited. After a short concise battle in which (Kristian) used his Patreon’s gifts to good use, the two Orcs lie dead however the fire in the building was spreading quickly thanks to all the tomes and scrolls used as kindling.

The party raced down to the ground floor. As they reached the ground burning ambers start falling through the ceiling. They rush into the main foyer they are confronted with two more Orcs, a human in robes as well as what seems to be a few of their wards. The obviously distressed individuals tied up on the floor helpless as the man in the robe is unstoppering a small jar containing three small slug-like creatures sliding one of them into the victim’s mouths. Quick action by Tluth and Nameless as they ran in swinging their swords like two lumberjacks in a race to chop-down the same tree first, downing the to Orcs. Meanwhile, Bane and Anders assaulted the robed figure making short work of him with a twin blast of power from Anders and some quick sword work from Bane.

The building falling down around them seeming like heroes they freed the victims, noticing a small hatch leading down but having no time to explore as the building crashed down around them in flames they fled the scene so as not to attract too much attention to themselves.  Taking the small vial with the slugs to try and find out just what the Jackdaws were up too. The party made their way to the Eastern safe house to recover before heading to the Drow sections of town to retrieve the Clock of Mechanus from the Vhaeraun temple.

15 Safe HouseOnce at the safe house they were met by another employee of Axis Inc. Tylo, a Gnome Tinkerer who provide a front for the house as an eccentric inventor and provides services to people creating, identifying and repairing items. They gave him the vial with the two slugs for identification. Tylo claimed that he could create a copy of the Mechanus device if he was provided with enough time to study it.

After a good night’s rest for all with the exception of a few strange dreams, the party set out to steal the Clock of Mechanus.

They quickly travelled south to the gateway that allows access to the Drow controlled section of the city. As they approached the great wall that connects the ground to the cave roof overhanging over an almost a full quarter of the city proper.  The city takes on a more menacing feel as they walked up to the gateway, there is no doubt about who is considered the dominant race in this part of the city. Anyone who is not Drow keeps their head down as if fearing to make eye contact with the Drow guards and nobles waiting to gain entry into their sector.

The party is fortunate to have Tluth with them, being a former Drow noble he knows how to give the correct gestures, attitude and level of impatience to bluff his way through the gates and into the Drow territory. The rest of the party plays along, acting as his servants. One inside it is as if they have been transported into the very Underdark itself. With permanent faerie fire effects, creating a soft, multicoloured glow that suffuses the cavern.

drow city

Tluth has a feeling of homesickness for Rilauven as well as anger and disgust as the way his people live under the influence of Lloth, their evil Spider Queen. Like the rest of Nadir, members of nearly every race in existence pass through here as either traders or slaves. Any item or service with any value at all can be bought, sold, or at least arranged for here. Bane immediately wants to refill his collection of poisons, finds a dealer and places his order to be delivered to the safe house in the next few days.

9a Temple of VhaeraunThey move to the Temple of Vhaeraun to procure the Clock of Mechanus. As they entered the temple they could hear loud arguing coming from upstairs, they cautiously made their way up starts and found a heated argument between the head priest and a few of the monks. After some clever convincing by Tluth that Vhaeraun himself had sent the party to help, the monk in charge of maintaining artifacts told the party the clock was stolen just moments ago by an arcanist named Syken. She and her people are trying to start a war between follows of Vhaeraun and Lloth.

The party took off in hot pursuit of the thieves, working their street skills with some intimidation and persuasion, soon found out where they were holding up in a small house built into the outer wall near one of the gateways to the Underdark.  The party decided to try a bit of subterfuge to gain entry to the house and failed so they resorted to the full frontal assault plan.

To be continued…Part 4 coming soon…The clock and the mark



This is the second part of our continuing story of my main campaign, we pick the story up after the party arrives at The Styx Oarsman, the Inn that is to be used as the party’s cover for their mission to build an evil empire within the city.

Gliamr joins them at the main table downstairs to disclose information about some of the likely targets for corruption, replacement or allyship.  She goes over the points of interest, answering any questions the party might have about the organizations. Gliamr will also take command of the Wharf Rats, a group of orphans\street kids that run the area along the docks and can provide information for a price which is covered by money from the Inn’s profits.

After some discussion, the party decides to go see The Hold, (number 1 on the map) which is the main day prison for the city. During the time they are observing the comings and goings of the city police and various street scum. They soon hear rumours that the Jackdaws are abducting street people, taking them to Jackdaws’ headquarters (number 7 on the map), and the people are never seen again. The regular beggers and rummies are then replaced by others that are loyal to the Jackdaws. The party decides to investigate.


(The city of Nadir, listed are the 16 points of interest as determined by Gliamr. The dark grey section is actually underground as the rest of the land rises to a mountain.)

On their way to check out the Jackdaws, the party decides to help Nameless with his past and visit the Temple of ANU (Number 4 on the map) which is a temple to Mechanus and has ties to Eberron, Nameless’s homeworld. They are told that if they can get a clock that was stolen by followers of Vhaeraun (number 9 on the map) it could be used to open a passage to The Clockwork Nirvana of Mechanus which could help Nameless find the answers to his past and possibly his future.


To be continued…..

If you Build It…My Current Campaign

I have had feedback and questions about my current campaign and will attempt to explain how I built it as well as include the updates as we play it. As it is a live campaign I will have to leave some points out in case my party read my blog which I hope they do.

If you build it…Characters

The campaign centres around the players’ characters. I have included a link to their sheets and backgrounds. Before we started playing our session zero was a phone call with each player separately lasting about 15-20 minutes each.

On the calls, I explained the basic premise of my homebrew/ Forgotten Realms based game. I asked them what they want to play as characters discussing race, class, and background. This was key for me to get them to understand that the more descriptive their background the more I could weave their characters into the campaign.

The main setting is a city called Nadir (Which is the opposite of a Spire, the name of the main city in the Planescape setting). Nadir is a true multiplanar marketplace and Freeport city that collects the multiverse’s castaways and pulls to those that would feed on them. The average citizen just tries to get by and not get robbed, killed, or worse. Not a city of complete lawlessness but one that seems to devour people out of ignorance.

Needing a large metropolis I remembered one of the best city adventures I had played in years ago. So I pulled an old map of Lankhamr based in the realm of Nehwon*, modified it to fit the situation and feel I was going for in my campaign.

Image result for Nehwon d&d

*(Nehwon is the fictional world created by Fritz Leiber in which his heroes, Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser, adventure.)

The characters were individually met and signed up with an organization call Axis Inc. With promises of helping them each to reach personal goals, along with power, and who doesn’t like a bit of power?

Intro Letter

While sailing in separate cabins aboard a strange clockwork ship on their way to Nadir they received the Intro Letter (above). This helped to set up what they were to do when they first arrive in the city. This also provided them with a base of operations/home.

The hatches open to hot humid air filled with the thunderous sound of docks being worked. Never had any of them seen a city so large. Even Tluth coming originally for one of the largest Drow Underdark cities was taken back by the noise, crowd and the smell of seemingly every race in existence clambering, bumping into, moving over, under and through each other. Just to get down the street.

As the party heads down the dock to the street Nameless as a seizure of some kind. Stuttering to a halt, making a groaning sound, then silence.

The noise and crowd seem to cause flashes of memory, time moves in disjointed stops and starts for Nameless. Darkness, light, fire, night, day, explosions, spells, the dead and dying all around, blood always more blood!

As the rest of the party turns to Nameless he proceeds to walk again as if nothing was out of place, quiet and ever vigil as ever. They arrived at The Styx Oarsman. An old bar/inn that has a long complicated history within the city, with many owners, the place did well by some of them while others did not fare very well at all.

As they arrive and enter theystyxoarsmen are greeted by Gliamr Lamiai, the one who sent them the Intro letters and will operate as their guide and assistant, provided to them by Axis Inc. The Inn also has an Orc brother and sister that work as cook and server/maid respectively, along with a family of Ratlings that work the warehouse. This team has been provided to help with minor tasks, researching points on interest set by the party members, as well as give me the opportunity to have some friendly NPCs to help move the story along and provide extra allies if they get in over their heads in a fight.

Part 2 will follow the parties first few excursions into the city.

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