If you build it…Characters

I am including the characters that are currently involved in the campaign. I recommend reading their background as it will provide you with insight into who there are and what motivates them.

Tluth Dorl’Tel – Warren 

Male Drow Paladin

My name is Tluth Dorl (Burning Sword), one of four children born to my parents Zilv Vayas (mother) and Gelkron Gloth (father) of the house Aleneld (Traders in the Archane). While my parents and siblings worked in the family business, traders all, my talents found me submitted for service in the Myrlochar as a Crusader in training. This suited my parents’ ambitions well, as it could eventually help with their status among our house. You see, my family was as devout to Lolth as any, but were never very shrewd traders. In fact, were seen as the black sheep of the family and it was only our devotion that kept the ire of others off us. That is until a fateful happenstance led to the discovery of a trove of surface dweller arcane artifacts. They knew it was dangerous to deal with such objects, but what it could do for the family status outweighed such worries. The sale of these objects to certain clientele earned our family great wealth and our status among the house(s) began to rise as a result. My cousins, who had always held the most powerful positions in our house, unfortunately, saw this as a threat to their own status though and conspired against us. They had the ear of Lolth’ Clerics you see and accused my family of actually worshiping Vhaeraun in secret. As evidence of this, they led the Clerics to my families hidden cache of Surfacer Artifacts clinching our fate among Lolth’ worshipers. My parents and siblings were chained and imprisoned; they were to be executed in a public display at the earliest opportunity. Luckily for me, I was away from the city on maneuvers and training at the time and was spared from immediate incarceration and my parents dispatched a loyal family servant to warn me when they realized what was transpiring. Our servant found me before the Clerics and informed me of what had happened, giving me my fathers family ring as evidence of the truth of it. My Parents bade me flee; knowing I would be hunted anywhere I fled in the Underdark I ironically only had the surface world to flee to. As I journeyed to the surface I found myself questioning my faith in Lolth and abandoned my belief, after all, it was her Clerics who had believed these lies and I assume had by now put my family to death. While I slept, what would be my final night in the Underdark, Bane came to my dreams. He bade me to serve him, promising me the power (eventually) to return and subjugate those who had wronged my family. He would help me seize power over the Underdark for the both of us and granted me his power for my devotion to this path. I’d first need experience though and what better place to gain that experience than among the inferior surface dwellers. I’ll help them with their plans, all the while they’ll be helping me in return. As I emerged from the Underdark I also took the name Tel (Exile) to my name, as a reminder to me of what I was made.

Nameless – Jamie

Male Warforge Fighter Battle Master

Unable to clearly recall my past, with only flashes of violence and war filling my mind at unexpected times, causing sudden bouts of disorientation. I yearn to understand my past and to defeat the demons which invade my mind. I believe the inscription carved into the back of my skull and a unique Ghulra on my forehead may unlock the questions which consume me, and I have been wandering mostly alone for many years in an attempt to find out what it means. So far I have been unsuccessful. I once spent time with a group of Elves, and in that time was able to learn their language and some of their ways, and was of great use to them. While I enjoyed their company, the demons in my mind forced me to leave them and continue on my journey, as they were unable to decipher the inscription or the Ghulra, although they did try. I have come across many other people in my travels, some good, most bad, and it has given me a reason to keep my distance until I am able to understand their intentions. I have killed far too many in self-defence, which is not my intention. I seek only to learn about my past and unlock the mystery of the inscription and to finally find my home.

Kristian 2Kristian

Male Wood Elf Sorcerer\Warlock


As a young Elf, Anders was always reading books and building things, traps, mysterious contraptions, and the like. People always commented that young Anders was part Gnome or Dwarf given how natively he took playing with tools. He came from an accomplished house that was held in high regard, having produced skilled Rangers, Druids, lone-wolf scouts, and leaders in times of war. There were rumours over the centuries with all the success in one house there must have been some powerful god watching over the house of Weyland. This was demonstrated again when the young Elon Weyland was selected to go into advanced combat training.

While studying with the Glades scholars at the young age of 75, he was identified as having a Draconic Bloodline. Anders’ peers noticed that while he was deep in thought or working on a particularly difficult problem that sparks and lightning would trace over his skin, his hair would stand on end from a static charge, metallic objects would levitate around him. With that Anders was formally adopted by the Sorcerers of the Glade, placed in advanced studies in lightning as there are old stories of one of his ancestors who was reputed for killing a Bronze Dragon (lightning dragon), this story was always denied by House Weyland but rumours have a life of their own. The family secret was Anders’ ancestor let the noble dragon go before the hunting party arrived the dragon promised to protect his House.

While out training in the woods with the other disciples he was practicing a lightning spell on a dead tree in the distance, he overheard some of the Elders speaking in hushed tones and came over to deliver the news of his young brother Elon’s exile. When the elders turned to walk away Weyland turned back to his target to release his anger on the dead tree and instead unleashed something else entirely. The spell should have broken a thick branch, maybe a split the trunk instead something else happened. He screamed in rage and fury in a voice that didn’t sound entirely like his own voice. The ground shook, clouds formed as if from nothing, and a portal opened in the sky small cracks of lighting started hitting trees all across the distant dead forest. Suddenly a single bolt of lightning of unspeakable power came from the portal and struck the tree. The entire dead forest exploded, not a single tree remained. When Rangers were sent into the devastated area there was a circle of earth turned to glass nearly a 100 meters in diameter, and oddly several Rangers found shiny bronze springs and gears.

Later as he continued his studies he also began to search for his exiled brother, he thought if he could build a powerful enough telescope he could see where his brother went into hiding. Late at night and in his dreams he would hear a voice sometimes, and his best ideas for building his telescope came from these dreams, he always recalled the instructions as if spoken in another voice, one not his own. When he was finished he looked into the telescope and saw a nightmare. An orb of gears and that grew as he looked at it until it filled his vision and he saw the source of the voice. It wasn’t an orb, it was a planet, and on a mechanical throne sat a powerful figure with a chest filled with machines. Could it be the planet Mechanus, could that figure be Primus? He pulled back from the telescope and felt a jolt of pain and passed out.

Anders was found by other apprentices who came running at the sound of thunder seemingly coming from the tower library. Anders was laying on the ground with his robes in tatters and still smoking. It appeared he was struck by lightning as he had the telltale burns that many victims had that resembled lightning starting at the base of his neck and spreading over his whole body. He woke shortly after being found and was taken to be healed by the clerics.

The investigation concluded that Anders only survived the lightning strike because of his bronze dragon bloodline. However, it also uncovered that Anders had been studying the dark arts of the Warlock. The elders claimed he had made a pact with Primus, and as evidence, they showed the gears found at the site in the forest, and similar gears that were undeniable of the same origin that was found around his body in the tower, also the same gears that made up his telescope.

Since his brother has recently been exiled for practicing the forbidden art of poisoning, and now he was a Warlock the council had no choice. The entirety of House Weyland was exiled from the Glades for 2 generations.

His scars would never fade, likely a punishment from his Patron the powerful Primus and they would glow when Anders was engaged in battle. While Anders embraced his Warlock powers, he had no ambition to deepen his knowledge in those arts. He would travel, looking for his brother and use his powers to earn his keep, not always for good.


Male Human Rouge\Warlock

I was raised in a small village as an orphan with my little brother.We stole what we could to survive.As I got older, I took on work with smugglers, mercenaries and assassins. My brother and I began to dabble more in magic as we got older. It helped us pull of tougher jobs. My littlebrotherKanon wanted to increase his magical ability and power. He joined a cult called The Red Fingers and rose through their ranks. After pulling my last job on my own, I returned to our village to find it destroyed by fire and my brother missing. Since then I’ve been taking odd jobs to help fund my search for my brother and any sign of The Red Fingers. Through my research, I’ve found items keeping me on the cult’s trail. I’ve found the Sigil of Vecna. a small magical sigil was written on parchment. However, I do not know how to use it or gain knowledge on how to join the cult I travel the realms looking for someone to help track down additional information.