Why I am doing this…

D&D and all roleplaying games are meant to be fun! Everyone involved should be there to have a good time, be creative and enjoy themselves and each other.

When I entered grade seven my two best friends went to other schools and though there were others from my primary school, I did not have my best friends. Shortly I met some new people who played Dungeons and Dragons along with a few other pen and paper RPGs. I found that these games helped me with reading, writing, math, creative thinking and logic. It also helped with social interaction, as I am a quiet guy and when role playing I can step into a character and be someone else.

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I bought the original red basic box and blue expert box from TSR and learned to Dungeon Master. This was a thrill as I wasn’t just one character, I was an entire world. I played at school, after school and on weekends for years with my brothers, friends, co-workers or anyone willing to play.

It was amazing. D&D, Shadowrun, Palladium games (Rifts, TMNT, ATB, Robotech, Hero’s Unlimited…etc.) some White Wolf games as well. All good fun as a player but really fun as GM/DM.Image result for palladium book collection

I have been playing for years and bring that experience to any game I run.  Everyone would like to do what they love and get paid for it. This is my attempt to do so.

Over the next few weeks, I plan to increase my influence, get my name out there and book some people for a session. I am working to learn Roll20 to play online for the future.

I have all the tools, knowledge and abilities to run an adventure in person right now, I just need to find some customers/players. I also plan to start an RPG blog which I will include tips, tricks, information and opinions about anything RPG.

Wish me luck,

William Oswin DM