Campaigns end…and new beginnings

I was running two campaigns that came to an end due to summer scheduling conflicts. I am currently looking to start another campaign. I am looking to run the game Saturday or Sundays weekly or bi-weekly from about 12:00 -5:00 pm. I would be open to playing in someone else’s game as well, if someone is looking for an experienced player that is very flexible on class, role playing and combat. I love it all!

I was previously located at The Mana Pool on Bloor St. West, between Runnymede and High Park. Great place, owners and food! I am open to playing in another location as long as it is TTC adjacent. I can create a home brew or run one of the Wizards of The Coast pre-made adventures. If you have a group looking for a DM or need a player please reach out

Look forward to adventuring or running an adventure with you.

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