The Platinum Ring (4)

After updating each half the group on the others adventures in the last few days Sor enters the room and tells them they are ready for the assault on the Spider Temple which is the gate to enter Tolgorith Tower which is the seat of power for Matron Maelora of House Gullion and the source of all recent chaos both overland and here in the Underdark.

They made their way quickly to the front entrance of the temple and noticed that the city seemed almost empty compared to three days ago, very strange to see only one Slave Master walking over 20 slave when usually there would be two to three other drow there either as part of their job or just to aid in the harassment of the slaves.

A great flight of stone stairs formed seemingly from the very ground they stand upon and smooth as if no tool had ever touched them, extends up into the great stalagmite
that houses Tolgorith Tower. Crouched over the stairs like a nightmare summoned from the darkest abyss stands a petrified gargantuan arachnid, as if waiting for prey.

As the party approached the front doors, the druid and cleric noticed scorch marks on the stairs and warned everyone to avoid the triggers that would have had lightning raining down on them from the tips of the giant spider buildings huge fangs. One inside the same spider motif was everywhere but the place seem deserted. After a quick fight with another one of House Gullion’s children, a drider and an Oni.

The party slow approaches the back of the temple which has the only way to traverse a small lake that surrounds the tower. After a bit of healing in the doorway they proceed out on the rampart and see large dark shadows moving through the deathly still waters 30 feet below.

To be continued