The Platinum Ring (3a)

For this week half the party could not make it so I ran with three people then emailed the other three a summary of what happened to them. The story below is one half of the story the other side will be told soon.

As you all cross the bridge over the chasm a gigantic creature rushes out of the mushroom forest right at the entire party. It is screaming and you notice over 20 small crossbow bolts sticking in it, as it crashes to the ground, dead.

Running out of the ‘trees’ right behind it is a dozen drow. Ten of them look to be standard guards but their leader is obviously important as you can tell by his fancy armour and clothing. He greets you as his men spread out all pointing handheld crossbows, keeping your party covered. He tells you he is Sor of house Sephiroth, the second house of Holoth. He mistakenly thinks you are mercenaries on your way to joining the first house, Gullion. He offers you to die or assist his house in overthrowing house Gullion as they are causing too much chaos, weakening the Holoth military forces and expanding too quickly. You all agree. They escort you to a small outpost and separate you into two teams of three, as small groups can move more unnoticed. 

He comes into the room with the three of you and tells you your target will be Gyloof Eldest Son of House Gullion, Slaver Overseer. He then moves aside the door and 6 guards shoot you with darts and things go black.


Gyloof Eldest Son of House Gullion

The three of you wake up on a pile of dung, soil and mushroom parts. A large bugbear cracks a whip over your heads and orders you to get to work. You are dressed in nothing but a coarsely woven shirt that hangs to your knees. You see other, mostly dwarves in the same state. They are all in the process of moving similar piles of waste to a central furnace. The whip cracks again and you jump to get to work as there is no sun they ‘workday’ is as long as they can keep people working. After what seems like the longest ‘day’ of your life you collapse into the longhouse that is now home, the life of a slave is not to your liking at all. When one of the ‘masters’ come through the house waking everyone and kicking those that do not rise fast enough you see Gyloof himself standing at the doorway with a white hanky over his nose. He orders that the new members be given half rations until they produce as much as the regulars.

Two days go by and you toil at the given tasks, fortunately, you are kept together. Later that working shift you see some new slaves added to the pit you work in and one of them makes an attempt to climb the wall and escape. As he reaches the top of the wall lightning suddenly arcs from the metal fence at the top of the wall and he is cooked, well done, immediately. The Task Master on duty then turns to the other two slaves that were working with the attempted escapist and flick his whip in their direction which produces a fireball reducing both to ash instantly. He made sure everyone knows if you try to run others will also pay with their lives.

At the end of this shift, you are exhausted and want nothing more than to sleep as you all drop to the floor of your longhouse a large figure blocks the light from the doorway. He is a very old and scarred Bugbear, he limps over to the three of you and drops a large sack.

Looking very afraid he whispers to you, ‘When the fireworks start you better be over the wall directly behind here in less than 5 minutes or ZAP! The coach you will see is Gyloof’s.” Then he limps out of the house.

The three of you look at each other, muscles sore from the work you can barely move but reach the sack and find all your equipment, weapons and armour. Valuables included, surprisingly. You start to ready your gear. Before you can act two ‘team members’ grab each of one of there comrades legs, pulling him back from the doorway and cover his mouth, then sit on him until he stops struggling. One of them gives you a half thumb up as you notice all his digits have been shortened by half, either by cutting or worn down from digging with nothing but his former fingers, you do not know.

Suddenly, there is a chain of concussive booms and the dim light from outside is as bright as the noonday sun. You jump to your feet, the rush of adrenaline making you forget the long hours of work and malnourishment for the last few days. The back of the longhouse collapses to the ground revealing a portion for the wall that has devolved into a mud puddle. This is your break, you run out of the house and through the opening in the wall finding yourselves on a road with walls on both sides. The wall behind you starts to return to its former shape and looking back you can see a giant red lava creature attacking the slave compound.

Lava Elemental

As you divert your eyes from the destruction and carnage you notice a small carriage being pulled by two large spiders. Remembering the Bugbear words you assault with everything you got. Frost’s arrows flying take out the driver and one of the spiders within six seconds, while Ponto shapes into Black Bear and with the aid of Rhegnhor’s rage, they both tear the coach apart to find a stunned Gyloof laying on the ground. All three react before Gyloof can move, two arrows sprout from his chest as the bear and Barbarian tear into him causing his spell to misfire and fizzle on his fingertips. He did not have time to scream before he was dead. With the target dead and the slave camps in chaos, the adventures run off into the tunnels they were told would lead them to Holoth and a to rejoin the other half of the Platinum Ring.

You wander through the passages for about an hour following the directions given to Frost when you run into the house Sephiroth escort party that takes you a secret way under the walls and into the city proper. You are lead into a basement and given three rooms with lavish decor, provided food and drink of any kind and amount. Told to rest and recuperate as the rest of your band will be here soon. You finally fall asleep, for how long you do not know. When you wakened and asked to follow the guards upstairs you feel as good as new.

This is the side adventure I emailed the three members that could not attend the last session. This adventure lasted 4 days of game time. Hope you enjoyed reading.

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