Some of the pages of the found journal are missing luckily the story continues after an obvious short gap. The Platinum Ring are attempting to sneak their way into Holoth the drow city to assassinate the evil Matron Maelora of house Gullion. This, they hope will create a power vacuum and cause the Drow houses to turn inward attacking each other. Thus delaying or preventing altogether this current wave of expansionism stopping the surface raids for slaves as well as keeping the Dwarf city of Embla from falling into the Drows merciless hands.

Dwarven city of Embla

The party proceed via a ‘back road’, a seldom-used area of hunting tunnels that should get them to the Drow city of Holoth’s environs. The rough map was given to them by an old Dwarf Battle Master named Miah, he helped the party with information and some guidance before he had to go help with the defence of Embla. The way was very quiet and they avoided Drow patrols. One encounter of note was with a vicious Pretrous.

Pretrous in the wilds of the Underdark

Which, the party made quick work of despite the beasts perfect camouflage and surprise attack. Shortly after this encounter and some rest, the party entered a giant cavern filled with all manner of mushrooms and fungi. A forest greeted them, it is as great as any on the surface. As they made their way under and around the mushrooms which ranged in size from 50′ tall to as small as a pea, they encounter many creatures new to them but completely natural to underground biome such as this one. The heat and humidity would rival that of the deepest jungles in Chult.


As the sweat soaked through their armour and robes they failed to notice creatures stalking them from above swinging from mushroom to mushroom as easily as Gorillas do it the surface jungles. The party was ambushed by Chokers. Four of these predators made their move and only managed to grab one of the party as the rest avoided the deadly embrace that the creatures are named after. The party worked in a well-coordinated battle to remove the threat and walked away with only minor kneck bruising to one person.

At this, the party moved to a clearing and saw a humungous fissure in the ground that divided the entire cavern as far as the eye could see. More than a mile down they could see the orange/red colours of molten magma, the steaming air upsurging out of the rift was hot enough to heat the whole cavern making this entire locality possible. The party rested here before crossing the long ancient rope bridge to the other side of the gap.

A bridge too far?

To be continued…