The Platinum Ring

We catch up with our group in the Underdark Dwarf city of Embla. The city is slowly being strangled to death by the near by Drow city Holoth. Hundreds of years of peaceful tolerance by both races had changed as the Drow had recently become very aggressive. They have expanded their claim of 10 miles around their city to more than 20 miles. This impinged on the Dwarves lives as some of the newly conflicted tunnels and caverns were rich hunting grounds used by the Dwarves for generations. Within a week of the territory grab, the Drow began attacking and claiming the many trade caravans to and from Embla for their own.

Three weeks earlier The Platinum Ring (TPR) had been involved with recovering some kidnapped townsfolk from a small mining/lumber town Rybalka. When TPR arrived in town they were invited to attend a winter solstice ceremony. The ceremony was never completed as as group of creatures including Drow attacked the church and stole the Moon Shard. Which was to have welcomed the sun with its loss this caused a 72 hours black out. No Moon, Sun or even Stars to light the sky.

The party fought in the church to the basement just in the to see Drow dressed as zombies to hide their identities climb into a hole in the floor, collapsing the tunnel behind them to prevent pursuit.

Arriving outside to absolute darkness the Mayor and head priest asked the party to follow the kidnapped villagers and Drow for rescue and to find out what was going on. The Drow had not been seen on the surface by anyone who currently lived in Rybalka. This was strange indeed.

To be continued….

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