As Nameless turned around with yellow glowing eyes his form shifts, become a little taller and long flowing white hair. Definitely not the parties companion Warforge Nameless.

“Fools!” The strange being screamed. “Lucan has existed longer than most Elves live and take what I want when I want it. The three of you will now parish or become my servants for all eternity!”

With that, this being focused his attention on Tluth and attempted to adjust Tluth’s loyalties. The being did not realize that years of abuse at the hands of his Drow societies sadistic females along with his own personal story of family lost and betrayal had hardened Tluth’s will into an almost unbreakable drive for Vengeance and nothing could sway his honour to renege on a deal or turn on allies that are aiding in furthering his goals.

At that Bane and Anders spring into action. Bane pivoting out of Lucan’s line of site and launching a vicious attack with his Short Sword and Dagger both coated in think black Drow made poisons. He struck two times, the Short Sword plunging into Lucan’s back the tip appearing with a splash of red on the front of Lucan’s chest. The Dagger slicing so deep into Lucan’s forearm Bane felt the jolt of the blade hitting bone. With this attack, Bane spun out of melee range to prepare for his next attack and give other room to maneuver. Before Lucan had a chance to recover Anders summons power from his mysterious source, blasting his foe with twin beams of mystical force, as he focuses he pushes some additional strength and causes Lucan to slam into the wall behind him. Tluth seeing his opening closes in and making two quick swings with his Long Sword while call forth his deity to smite his foes, opens up two gaping wounds neck to navel completely removing the front of Lucan’s decorative armoured chest plate.

As Lucan bent forward pulling his arms around himself as if to keep the contents of his chest from falling to the floor, his body started to become translucent and he faded into a cloud of vapor slipping through a small crack in the wall behind him into the night. That is when Tluth yelled “Vampire!!” as he recognised all the abilities the creature had used during the long pursuit.

The good news was Lucan had dropped the stolen sword and the party could now return to Nadir with the sword to claim the reward and clear their teammate’s name. The only question remained was where was the real Nameless.

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