If you Build It…My Current Campaign If you want to start at the beginning

As the party realized the train was being held up they prepared for a fight then decided they did not give a damn about the train or anyone on it except for their companion Nameless. Tulth approached the Warforge that appeared to be the leader of the armed bandits with an attempt to parlay.

After a few well placed and precise words with the leader it was decided to let party find their quarry and leave peacefully rather than get into a fight Tulth convinced her that party would win or at least delay the bandits long enough for additional help to arrive.

Completing a quick survey of the passenger cars, the party turned up empty-handed. That is when Bane noticed one of the bandits on the ground and someone riding off on his Mage horse, by the size and shape it had to be Nameless.

The party rushed off in pursuit on foot, heading into a swamp to the south of the train’s track. Eventually, they could see the top of a Ziggurat in the distance and the trail of the horse was leading straight for it. The party picked up their pace and finding the water was only waist deep at the most in some areas, they moved in as they finally had their target cornered.

They entered from the level even with the waterline and were immediately attacked by an Executioner’s hood which fell from the ceiling and on to Ander’s head doing some damage and starting to smother him. Bane jumped to the rescue and with much finesse and gusto sliced into the attacking creature removing it from Ander’s head and killing it quickly before it could move away to hide in the shadows. They started down and into the massive structure.

All was quiet in the ancient ruins, the only sound, the dripping of the surrounding swamp slowly oozing its way between the seams in old stone walls. Looking at the carvings in the walls, ceiling and floors one could tell this place was once beautiful, opulent and full of life.

As the party moved deeper in the Ziggurat the scenes in the tiles, carvings and frescos showed a small village growing crops, sending out hunting parties and thriving, then the arrival of a ‘man’, he is shown with glowing yellow eyes and the people in the images prostrate before him in poses of worship. The sequence then shows the people of the village building this very temple, as it grows the number of people working on it lessen, one can see that the village around is falling into disrepair and the swamp begins to envelop the village, flowing and drowning all other buildings in the
sequential carvings until all that is left above the water is the top of the Ziggurat.

As the party makes its way down and enters the final room in the base of the temple, they see Nameless placing the stolen sword into and sliding the heavy lid to close a large stone sarcophagus that dominates the room.  As Namless turns to face them his eyes glow yellow.

To be concluded – Next Chapter – ‘Al la final”