If you Build It…My Current Campaign If you want to start at the beginning

The party hustles their buns to get to the station and find that they only have a few minutes before the Lightning Rail Train is scheduled to depart. They approach the ticket booth and quickly remember the riff given to them by the Nadir city council, using it to pay the huge sums required to ride. Not even sure where they are going they rush out to the platform to see the train starting to slowly move as it picks up speed heading out of the station.

Lightning Train of Eberron

The train picked up speed as the party starts to look around the rear car. They mark their way forward through the passenger cars to the dining car the other passengers looked rather shocked and mildly annoyed at the interruption of their various meals but the dirty, sweaty and painfully informally dressed group.

Just as a group of four Dragonborn rise from their seat at the same time looking to address our party of interlopers they whole train shudders and throws the entire contents of the room toward the front of the car. Anything not attached to the car itself flies ten feet forward. The party manages to make all their DEX saves and stay on their feet with only minor damage from some broken glass. 

Looking out the windows to try and find out what is going on and spot around nine or ten Wareforged riding horses, along with a handful of Halflings flying around on large birds, all shooting various weapons at the train in an effort to slow the train enough to gain a way onboard. Looks like they are smack in the middle of a train robbery.

Next Part 11 – “Missed him by that much” – Maxwell Smart

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