If you Build It…My Current Campaign If you want to start at the beginning.

Luck for the party casting off an airship takes much more time than even an oceangoing vessel. As they raced to the top of the docking tower trying to catch up to Nameless and find out why he took the sword and fled. As they reached the docking area they were confronted by a few of the Teamsters, not slowing to fight the part took its chances with the attacks of opportunity. A globe of darkness from Tluth, a misty step from Anders and

airship dock

They made it onboard just as the ship pulled out of reach of the tower. As the ship turns and gains speed they hear a voice booming over the sound of rushing wind and fire elemental.

“Who the hell are ya, I hope you can pay or fly!” The voice coming from a tough looking half-elf, captain of the Cloud’s Destiny. The ship they have just stowed away on.

“If you don’t have a letter of passage or tickets we will be throwing you overboard as soon as we clear the city!”

Lyrandar airship

Some quick talk from Bane and a bag of small gems and the captain seemed much more relaxed having them stay onboard, though he claimed to not have seen any Warforge on board other than the three that were part of his crew. Most airships are small and the Cloud’s Destiny was not an exception, so the party decided to search the ship. As they investigated some of the smaller holds and rooms, they could not find Namless anywhere and an over six foot tall, magical machine man cannot be hidden very easily.

Suddenly the whole ship jumped as if someone had tried to smack it from the sky. As they rushed to the deck they saw off the stern another airship closing fast and firing large harpoons with ropes tied to them into the body of the Cloud’s Destiny. The captain yelling for the crew to prepare to be boarded.

Next Part 9 – It is not the fall that will kill you, it is the landing

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