If you Build It…My Current Campaign If you want to start at the beginning.

As the party closed in on the wagon, they all drew closer to the city of Trolsport, which is known as a transportation/shipping hub as much as for its’ aristocratic merchant families with their grand balls, gossiping and intrigue, all in the name of gaining favor over each other in the eyes for the ruling council.

The overly decorated cart must have been familiar to the guards at the gate as they allowed it to rush straight by the crowd of animals, carts and various people waiting to get let in, bowling over a couple of very angry looking dwarves in the process. The party was forced to stop at the gates as guards moved to block their way. The typical business in town questions and a little golden lubricant go them through the gate ahead of many angry others. Still, the delay cost them the destination of their runaway party member and the sword they have been sent to recover from him.


The only lead they have is the name Trell, after stashing the horses and their travel clothes at a nearby Inn they begin their investigation, asking about the coach which tends to stand out. A few minutes later and they are standing outside an embassy, which happened to be holding a masquerade ball. The party needs to get costumes and invitations quick. Tluth ran to a tailor’s shop and got himself some upper-class Drow finery with only a small mask to cover his eyes, paper mache dog head and minotaur head for Bane and Anders respectively.

The entrance was heavily guarded, with all invitations being inspected. A combination of sleight of hand, distraction, intimidation and luck eventually got them through the doors and into the large reception hall beyond.


The music and dancing were distracting, as were people approaching Tluth trying to find out which Drow house he was from hoping to win favour and possibly a trade deal for goods from the Underdark which are all the rage in aristocratic society, little did they know how much anger Tluth had against his own people and what they represented. Finally, they spotted Namless slipping out a servant’s door near the rear of the ballroom.  The party joined back up by the door and ran after Nameless in hot pursuit. As they followed him through some winding halls, they emerged as the base of an airship tower and can see at the top the ship is preparing to cast off!!!

Next Part 8 – The knack lies in learning how to throw yourself at the ground and miss!


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