The party stormed in the front door. Inside they found three Male Drow and on Female. The party quickly assessed the attackers and decide to hit the Female Drow first as she looked like a spell caster.


Tluth closed the distance to the Female mage and as he did a large cell with an open door came into view with a Fiend making its way towards the party. Bane took up a location in the shadows to prepare for a surprise attack. Anders calling on the bond with his patron sent twin blasts of energy into one of the male Drow dropping the fighter immediately.  Nameless closed the distance placing himself between the attackers and Anders, with no thought for his own safety. Striking out with his sword in a quick one-two slash, he dropped another of the male Drow fighters. The female Drow pointed at Tluth and vanished before the party’s collective eyes.

As the Fiend entered the room Tluth using two of his innate abilities dropped an area of darkness on to the monster from the Lower Planes, then lighting it up for all to target with twinkling lights glowing around its’ body.


At this point, Bane attacks with some throwing daggers and gets a hit on the monstrosity from another plane. Distracted it does not notice Tluth close in with his long sword and strikes two quick blows, knocking the beast to its’ knees as great chunks of flesh are removed with practiced perfection by the Drow Battle Master. Anders hits the create with the twin blasts of force preventing the creature from rising from the ground. Nameless swings twice at the creature only to have both of his attempts blocked by the inhuman reflexes of this evil creature. Tluth raising his sword strikes the killing blow and the Fiend dissolves into a cloud of thick black smoke, forced to return to the Abyss it came from. The party takes a breath and finds the clock and some treasure left behind by the now dead Drow.

The return through the Drow controlled portion of the city was uneventful. Bane did take the opportunity to order some poisons and have them delivered to the safehouse. As they rest at the safe house for the night, the party is set upon by some very disturbing dreams.

They give the clock to Tylo who takes it to begin building a copy of it for the party to keep. A note arrives at the safe house from the Eberron consulate, the Arch-Mage is requesting that Nameless visit with regards to the strange symbol on Nameless’s neck. The party agrees to go there as it is across from the Temple of Anu and Anders can follow up on his questions about his patron Mechanus. 

Before departing one of the Wharf Rat kids takes an update to Glamir so she knows where the party is at and what has occurred. The party also send a shopping list of requests and questions for Glamir to follow up on. 

Tluth – Asks Glamir to find someone who is an expert on Sentient inanimate objects

Bane – asks the Wharf Rat to have his comrades keep a look out for Red Finger Symbols and see if there is a pattern. 

Anders – asks Tylo to look into what is needed for planeswalking. He also sends and asks for an update from Glamir about the worms they found in the Jackdaws former HQ.

Nameless – Stands there, waiting for them to go.

dark market

The streets are full of the usual crowd, creatures of all makes, models, plane and culture. Busily making their way through the streets of Nadir, each on their own personal business for good or evil. The city guard are out in force as there has been some unrest, someone had even burned down the Jackdaws HQ and the homeless seem relieved and to be returning to their panhandling, swindling and outright stealing ways. 

As the party moves to the more prosperous north end of the city, there are fewer beggars, thieves and street urchins and they begin rubbing elbows with creatures of better means. As they reach the intersection with the Temple of ANU and the  Eberron consulate, they are greeted by a mass of Warforge protesting the consulate, they are asking for full and equal rights for all Warforge, the same as all humans and demi-humans have in Eberron. They want the governing families of Eberron to pardon all Warforge prisoners and an end to the right of others to own Warforge. The protest is very peaceful as the Warforge are there to prove a point that they can do more than cause violence.

Greater dragon mark of making

The party is rushed through the throng of protestors and guards to a large chamber just off the main entrance. An old human in dark red robe approaches and introduces himself as the High Arch-Mage Garmondast. He explains he has studied the Dragon Marks of his world for most of his life and when the prest of ANU mentioned the marking they witnessed on the neck of Nameless they approached him with what they thought must be wrong or a printed copy of an actual Dragon Mark because only Humans, Elves and Dwarves have ever manifested Dragon Marks.

Gramondast asked to view the marking and Namless knelt down so the Arch-Mage could have a good look. Gramondast mumbles, ummms and ahhhs, chants a little spell and jumps back as the symbol glows with a faint red light. He is shocked and it is hard to tell if it is in horror or amazement. He tells Nameless that this is the first time in recorded history, to the best of his extensive knowledge that a Warforge has ever manifested a Dragon Mark. This one appears to be of healing and life. Gramondast gives Nameless a power word, when spoken or concentrated on by Nameless it will allow him to release a small amount of healing energy for himself or others. The Arch-Mage asks Nameless to return should anything about his marking change, in the meantime, Garmondast will get his people to research to see if they can discover what this means, for Eberron, Warforge and Nameless.

The party decide to return to the Styx Oarsman to get updates directly from Glamir. Stopping at the Temple of ANU, they inform Anders they have not found anything in the ancient texts or through prayer and divination about his connection to Mechanus. They will continue to search and reach out to him directly should they find anything. With that complete the party returns ‘home’ the Oarsman to get rest and decide on next steps.

NEXT Part 5 – Oh Captain, My Captain