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With the information about where to get the clock in hand. The party heads over to The Jackdaws headquarters to investigate what is going on with the homeless and beggars that are being replaced in the city.

The party discovers The Jackdaws HQ is a lighthouse tower with a side building attached they decide to rent a local magic carpet to fly up to the highest point on the tower and start investigating from the top down.7-jackdaws-e1522160673546

Starting on the fifth floor, they see it is an actual fire that is illuminating the lantern room, which is also encased in glass to prevent the fire being blown out by wind as well as ambers from spreading to the nearby buildings. The party proceeded down the stairs quietly, On the fourth floor, they found a small observatory with a telescope looking out over the surrounding buildings and appeared to be pointing at The Styx Oarsman. The third floor they found the attic containing some wood for burning in the fire above and other storage, nothing of value.

As the came down to the Second floor they found a small library/study. They heard some noise from the closed door and decided to burst into the room hoping to take anyone within by surprise. They did surprise the two very scholarly looking Orcs. One of which was holding a wand that produced a rather large fireball that shot right through the doorway back into the library where the party just exited. After a short concise battle in which (Kristian) used his Patreon’s gifts to good use, the two Orcs lie dead however the fire in the building was spreading quickly thanks to all the tomes and scrolls used as kindling.

The party raced down to the ground floor. As they reached the ground burning ambers start falling through the ceiling. They rush into the main foyer they are confronted with two more Orcs, a human in robes as well as what seems to be a few of their wards. The obviously distressed individuals tied up on the floor helpless as the man in the robe is unstoppering a small jar containing three small slug-like creatures sliding one of them into the victim’s mouths. Quick action by Tluth and Nameless as they ran in swinging their swords like two lumberjacks in a race to chop-down the same tree first, downing the to Orcs. Meanwhile, Bane and Anders assaulted the robed figure making short work of him with a twin blast of power from Anders and some quick sword work from Bane.

The building falling down around them seeming like heroes they freed the victims, noticing a small hatch leading down but having no time to explore as the building crashed down around them in flames they fled the scene so as not to attract too much attention to themselves.  Taking the small vial with the slugs to try and find out just what the Jackdaws were up too. The party made their way to the Eastern safe house to recover before heading to the Drow sections of town to retrieve the Clock of Mechanus from the Vhaeraun temple.

15 Safe HouseOnce at the safe house they were met by another employee of Axis Inc. Tylo, a Gnome Tinkerer who provide a front for the house as an eccentric inventor and provides services to people creating, identifying and repairing items. They gave him the vial with the two slugs for identification. Tylo claimed that he could create a copy of the Mechanus device if he was provided with enough time to study it.

After a good night’s rest for all with the exception of a few strange dreams, the party set out to steal the Clock of Mechanus.

They quickly travelled south to the gateway that allows access to the Drow controlled section of the city. As they approached the great wall that connects the ground to the cave roof overhanging over an almost a full quarter of the city proper.  The city takes on a more menacing feel as they walked up to the gateway, there is no doubt about who is considered the dominant race in this part of the city. Anyone who is not Drow keeps their head down as if fearing to make eye contact with the Drow guards and nobles waiting to gain entry into their sector.

The party is fortunate to have Tluth with them, being a former Drow noble he knows how to give the correct gestures, attitude and level of impatience to bluff his way through the gates and into the Drow territory. The rest of the party plays along, acting as his servants. One inside it is as if they have been transported into the very Underdark itself. With permanent faerie fire effects, creating a soft, multicoloured glow that suffuses the cavern.

drow city

Tluth has a feeling of homesickness for Rilauven as well as anger and disgust as the way his people live under the influence of Lloth, their evil Spider Queen. Like the rest of Nadir, members of nearly every race in existence pass through here as either traders or slaves. Any item or service with any value at all can be bought, sold, or at least arranged for here. Bane immediately wants to refill his collection of poisons, finds a dealer and places his order to be delivered to the safe house in the next few days.

9a Temple of VhaeraunThey move to the Temple of Vhaeraun to procure the Clock of Mechanus. As they entered the temple they could hear loud arguing coming from upstairs, they cautiously made their way up starts and found a heated argument between the head priest and a few of the monks. After some clever convincing by Tluth that Vhaeraun himself had sent the party to help, the monk in charge of maintaining artifacts told the party the clock was stolen just moments ago by an arcanist named Syken. She and her people are trying to start a war between follows of Vhaeraun and Lloth.

The party took off in hot pursuit of the thieves, working their street skills with some intimidation and persuasion, soon found out where they were holding up in a small house built into the outer wall near one of the gateways to the Underdark.  The party decided to try a bit of subterfuge to gain entry to the house and failed so they resorted to the full frontal assault plan.

To be continued…Part 4 coming soon…The clock and the mark

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