This is the second part of our continuing story of my main campaign, we pick the story up after the party arrives at The Styx Oarsman, the Inn that is to be used as the party’s cover for their mission to build an evil empire within the city.

Gliamr joins them at the main table downstairs to disclose information about some of the likely targets for corruption, replacement or allyship.  She goes over the points of interest, answering any questions the party might have about the organizations. Gliamr will also take command of the Wharf Rats, a group of orphans\street kids that run the area along the docks and can provide information for a price which is covered by money from the Inn’s profits.

After some discussion, the party decides to go see The Hold, (number 1 on the map) which is the main day prison for the city. During the time they are observing the comings and goings of the city police and various street scum. They soon hear rumours that the Jackdaws are abducting street people, taking them to Jackdaws’ headquarters (number 7 on the map), and the people are never seen again. The regular beggers and rummies are then replaced by others that are loyal to the Jackdaws. The party decides to investigate.


(The city of Nadir, listed are the 16 points of interest as determined by Gliamr. The dark grey section is actually underground as the rest of the land rises to a mountain.)

On their way to check out the Jackdaws, the party decides to help Nameless with his past and visit the Temple of ANU (Number 4 on the map) which is a temple to Mechanus and has ties to Eberron, Nameless’s homeworld. They are told that if they can get a clock that was stolen by followers of Vhaeraun (number 9 on the map) it could be used to open a passage to The Clockwork Nirvana of Mechanus which could help Nameless find the answers to his past and possibly his future.


To be continued…..

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