If you Build It…My Current Campaign

I have had feedback and questions about my current campaign and will attempt to explain how I built it as well as include the updates as we play it. As it is a live campaign I will have to leave some points out in case my party read my blog which I hope they do.

If you build it…Characters

The campaign centres around the players’ characters. I have included a link to their sheets and backgrounds. Before we started playing our session zero was a phone call with each player separately lasting about 15-20 minutes each.

On the calls, I explained the basic premise of my homebrew/ Forgotten Realms based game. I asked them what they want to play as characters discussing race, class, and background. This was key for me to get them to understand that the more descriptive their background the more I could weave their characters into the campaign.

The main setting is a city called Nadir (Which is the opposite of a Spire, the name of the main city in the Planescape setting). Nadir is a true multiplanar marketplace and Freeport city that collects the multiverse’s castaways and pulls to those that would feed on them. The average citizen just tries to get by and not get robbed, killed, or worse. Not a city of complete lawlessness but one that seems to devour people out of ignorance.

Needing a large metropolis I remembered one of the best city adventures I had played in years ago. So I pulled an old map of Lankhamr based in the realm of Nehwon*, modified it to fit the situation and feel I was going for in my campaign.

Image result for Nehwon d&d

*(Nehwon is the fictional world created by Fritz Leiber in which his heroes, Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser, adventure.)

The characters were individually met and signed up with an organization call Axis Inc. With promises of helping them each to reach personal goals, along with power, and who doesn’t like a bit of power?

Intro Letter

While sailing in separate cabins aboard a strange clockwork ship on their way to Nadir they received the Intro Letter (above). This helped to set up what they were to do when they first arrive in the city. This also provided them with a base of operations/home.

The hatches open to hot humid air filled with the thunderous sound of docks being worked. Never had any of them seen a city so large. Even Tluth coming originally for one of the largest Drow Underdark cities was taken back by the noise, crowd and the smell of seemingly every race in existence clambering, bumping into, moving over, under and through each other. Just to get down the street.

As the party heads down the dock to the street Nameless as a seizure of some kind. Stuttering to a halt, making a groaning sound, then silence.

The noise and crowd seem to cause flashes of memory, time moves in disjointed stops and starts for Nameless. Darkness, light, fire, night, day, explosions, spells, the dead and dying all around, blood always more blood!

As the rest of the party turns to Nameless he proceeds to walk again as if nothing was out of place, quiet and ever vigil as ever. They arrived at The Styx Oarsman. An old bar/inn that has a long complicated history within the city, with many owners, the place did well by some of them while others did not fare very well at all.

As they arrive and enter theystyxoarsmen are greeted by Gliamr Lamiai, the one who sent them the Intro letters and will operate as their guide and assistant, provided to them by Axis Inc. The Inn also has an Orc brother and sister that work as cook and server/maid respectively, along with a family of Ratlings that work the warehouse. This team has been provided to help with minor tasks, researching points on interest set by the party members, as well as give me the opportunity to have some friendly NPCs to help move the story along and provide extra allies if they get in over their heads in a fight.

Part 2 will follow the parties first few excursions into the city.

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