My Personal Campaign

Don’t get me wrong I love the official 5E modules. Although the WOTC has taken a lot of time and effort to create adventures that are exciting and enjoyable to play for a long-term campaign. I find they are often too “on rails” for my style of DMing.

My preference is to make my own campaign that kind of writes itself. As the players make decisions and affect the world they are in, events can change. I use the players’ backgrounds along with information I gather during session zero to build hooks and the story. This allows me to keep most of the campaign character-centric. I make general outlines for each character and have an idea of where they will go from A to B to C. The time and events to get to each point will depend on the players’ decisions.

This not only saves me from having to prepare too much in advance but also allows me to be reactive to what occurs during a session and change what will happen during the next session. This also encourages the players more freedom to contribute their ideas and inspire their own creativity.

My current personal campaign is a great example of this method. I have called it “If you build it…” I spoke to each player explained the major overview of the setting I wanted to run. Then had them create a character, all the while making sure I understood what made them want to play and what made their characters tick.

I sent them each the following intro letter a few days before session 1 to prepare them.

Intro Letter

The intention of the letter; the adventurers have been hired by an organization with the expressed instructions to increase the power, influence and wealth of the organization within the city of Nadir. They were also introduced to several important NPCs that will help them with the goal of the campaign.

I have provided them with an overall group goal. They also each have very personal backgrounds (they choose to share with the party or not.) I have and will pepper clues, hooks and encounters throughout their adventures for them to move forward with their personal goals. More campaign details will follow in other posts.

I will consider starting a campaign diary and post it here if people are interested. Please comment with suggestions for what you would like me to write about, I want to make sure I am not boring people. 🙂 is my new domain so people can find my content easier. I am also working on a pay structure and details for hiring myself out as a DM more to come soon.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and visiting me. Please feel free to share with anyone you think might be interested. to donate for me to continue publishing blogs and one day vlogs on YouTube.

Why I am doing this…

D&D and all roleplaying games are meant to be fun! Everyone involved should be there to have a good time, be creative and enjoy themselves and each other.

When I entered grade seven my two best friends went to other schools and though there were others from my primary school, I did not have my best friends. Shortly I met some new people who played Dungeons and Dragons along with a few other pen and paper RPGs. I found that these games helped me with reading, writing, math, creative thinking and logic. It also helped with social interaction, as I am a quiet guy and when role playing I can step into a character and be someone else.

Image result for red book d&dImage result for blue book d&d

I bought the original red basic box and blue expert box from TSR and learned to Dungeon Master. This was a thrill as I wasn’t just one character, I was an entire world. I played at school, after school and on weekends for years with my brothers, friends, co-workers or anyone willing to play.

It was amazing. D&D, Shadowrun, Palladium games (Rifts, TMNT, ATB, Robotech, Hero’s Unlimited…etc.) some White Wolf games as well. All good fun as a player but really fun as GM/DM.Image result for palladium book collection

I have been playing for years and bring that experience to any game I run.  Everyone would like to do what they love and get paid for it. This is my attempt to do so.

Over the next few weeks, I plan to increase my influence, get my name out there and book some people for a session. I am working to learn Roll20 to play online for the future.

I have all the tools, knowledge and abilities to run an adventure in person right now, I just need to find some customers/players. I also plan to start an RPG blog which I will include tips, tricks, information and opinions about anything RPG.

Wish me luck,

William Oswin DM